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What do I need to bring?

Here's a list of items we recommend bringing to your tax preparation appointment:

  • W-2's & 1099's

  • Unemployment (please note unemployment no longer mails your a copy of your 1099 G, you must logon to your account to print it out, or call them to request it be mailed)

  • Mortgage Interest 

  • Property Taxes paid 

  • 1098T ( College tuition statement)

  • Dependent Care Expenses

  • Church/Charitable deductions if you are itemizing

  • Valid form of State or Federal issued picture identification.

  • If you are insured through The Market Place for your health insurance, you MUST bring in your 1095A. Failure to do so will impact your refund being received. You can call your insurer to ask if you will be receiving a 1095A.

  • Birth Certificate & Social Security Card for all dependents being claimed on your return

  • If you are choosing a direct deposit for your refund, please bring in your routing and account numbers. ( Copy of your check is optimal)

  • If you are a new client , it would be helpful to have a copy of your prior year tax return

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